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Welcome to our Belize Adventures! 

Whether you are a seasoned angler with a few precious fishing days, on a well-deserved vacation and looking to try something new, or just here to enjoy being out on the water, Green Horizons Flats Fishing will get you there…catching the fish is up to you!

You already know that Belize has the most incredible flats fishing on the planet and this is our back yard.  You will see there is nothing more exciting than flying fishing for the elusive Grand Slam!   It is catch and release at its best!

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Sports fishing is equally exciting and challenging. The best part is you can take your catch home for dinner or have a beach BBQ!  If you want to spend time out on the water, we can take you snorkeling, visiting Dolphins, Manatees and other amazing marine wildlife. Our Guides know how to get you to the best areas for fishing, snorkeling or Manatee watching. They will point out the different marine life, birds like herons, egrets, frigates, and all kinds of fish that live along the coastline in Belize and are happy to tell you how Belize protects our very special gifts from the Sea so we can enjoy them for many years.

tarpon fishingFishing and Tours in the Area

That’s not all we want to show you in Belize!  There is just as much, or more, to see on land!   In a full day, you can see ancient ruins, interesting local craftsmen, butterfly habitats, go cave tubing, kayak on jungle rivers, and the last stop could be a swimming hole to cool off in!    What would you and your family like to see and do in one day in Belize!

Come see Belize and leave your stress behind.   Green Horizons Flats Fishing can help plan your holiday for you…there is lots to choose from.   Our hope is you will love Belize like we do and make this the first of many holidays you spend here!

An armature video showing the flats and what we are all about at Green Horizons Flats Fishing.

tarpon fishingWhy Book with Green Horizons Flats Fishing?

Green Horizons Flats Fishing is a family-owned and operated professional fishing guide business year around in Belize.  They are well-known and respected first through the fishing lodges, where they trained, then on their own for the past 12 years.    They know these waters, and the fish and wildlife that live there.  Many repeat anglers return to fish for the Permit, Tarpon and Bone Fish and other sport fish in our tropical waters.

Book with Green Horizon Flats Fishing!

Our expert guides who grew up in the area, are the best in the fishing and tour operating business in northern Belize.