Belize Fishing Calendar

When is the best time to fish in Belize?

When is the best time to fish in Belize?

The answer is “anytime!” The ideal months for fishing are May, June, and July, according to the Belize Tourism Board, “fishing success is greatest during those months. It’s all about the weather…in those months, cold fronts have stopped passing through local waters and the sun is out for long hours every day. It’s also all about the migration of the fish or spawning times.”  You can see from the calendar below really anytime is good fishing in Belize.

If your goal is the coveted “Grand Slam” – one Permit, one Tarpon and one Bonefish in one day – be sure to see more info in the Grand Slam section below.


On calm days you should see as many as 50-75 Tarpon, 20-90 pound range. Generally, Bonefish and Tarpon fishing is good; reef fishing good to excellent on calm days.


Fish are plentiful on the flats if the wind isn’t too strong. Tarpon in the 20-90 pound range. Bones, Permit and Tarpon fishing are good, but weather-dependent. Reef fishing is excellent.  Permit migration begins in February…catch and release only.


Plenty of 20-90 pound Tarpon on the calmer days. Plenty of Bonefish. Tarpon in lagoons. Reef fishing good to excellent. Permit schooled up in good numbers.


Lots of Tarpon, 40-100 pounds, and they are more aggressive. Migrating Tarpon start coming onto the reef. It’s a good month for Permit too. Usually large schools of small Permit, and plenty of Bones. Reef fishing excellent.


Generally our hottest month, with calm-to-light breezes. It’s not uncommon to see huge schools of 200-300 Bones. Tarpon on both flats and the reef. Reef fishing is good to excellent.  Tarpon head for cooler water in the mangroves and brackish channels.

fishing in Belize
fishing in Belize


Bonefishing is excellent as it always is from April through October. Tarpon on both the flats and reef. Reef fishing good to excellent.  Look for Snappers in seagrass beds, mangroves, and shallow rocky areas.

July, August, and September

Usually calm and warm. Great fishing. Lots of Bones, lots of Tarpon to well over 100 pounds. We consider this the best Tarpon season of the year. The largest and biggest amount of Tarpon has been caught in August and September. We also find some of the largest Permit of the year during Tarpon migration.


Lots of Tarpon, large and aggressive. Bones are larger and more aggressive too. Big schools of Jack Crevalle are also on the flats now, and it is a good month for the larger Permit. Reef fishing fair to good. If there is a lot of rainfall on the mainland, Snook arrives on the flats in large numbers. The record for the most Tarpon landed in a single day was in October…7 Tarpon landed and another 5 jumped.  Dick Smith had a good day!


There are plenty of 60-100 pound Tarpon on the flats. Jack Crevalle and Bonefish are also good. Reef fishing good to excellent.  As the water warms up, Snook will head for coastal marine and brackish waters.


If the sun stays out there are plenty of Barracuda, Bones, and Tarpon (40-80 pounds) on the flats. Jacks and Ladyfish too. The full moon brings Grouper and Snappers to the reef to spawn. Reef fishing good to excellent.  Night fishing even better!