What to Bring

Going on a Fishing Trip in Belize

For Fishing:

If you are a seasoned angler you will know what to bring. See Our Gear page for a specific list you can take to your fly shop. If you are a beginner, your fly shop can help get your started with gear from this list. Bear in mind the sun in Belize is bright and hot, and we do have bugs. Be sure to look at Our Gear below for more specific information. Here is our recommended list for fishing trips:

  • Sun hat
  • Light rain jacket w/hood
  • Long sleeve, light colored shirt
  • Camera
  • Swimsuit and towel
  • Sun block, sun-proof lip balm
  • Bug Spray
  • Cash for tipping
  • Any shoe with a soft sole
  • Your own fishing gear
  • Polarizing glasses – copper/brown for the flats

Gratuities for guides, crew, or drivers, are not included. For a professional fishing guide, this is an important part of his income. If your guide worked hard to give you a great experience, tip him accordingly. The going rate is $50US/day or more if you are really lucky! The crew or driver would also appreciate knowing they did a good job for you, and if they have worked hard, they deserve it. $20US/day is fair.

For days trips to ruins or other :

to ruins or other in-land destinations, along with the first 8 items above, we suggest comfortable walking shoes, as pathways around the ruins can be uneven. We carry a cooler with water and soft drinks and are glad to bring items you request. A good pair of binoculars will bring Belize’s incredible birds and wildlife close enough to count their feathers!

Dress is casual in Belize…loose clothes, drip dry is the norm. Long sleeves in the early morning and evening will keep the bugs back. Anything you forget, we will get for you!


What we Include:

Green Horizons Flats Fishing covers all Marine Park fees, and Snorkeling permits. All licenses for the boats, captains, drivers and guides are in good standing.  Safety gear and a cooler with ice are always on board. Let us know what alcoholic or other beverages, or snacks you would like us to provide for your day or if you need us to provide snorkel and fishing gear if you are unable to bring your own.

Lunches vary with each trip. For day trips by van we always stop at a friendly restaurant with good menu. These lunches are on your own. We provide a tasty lunch for some of the fishing and snorkeling trips and will check with you first for lunch preferences and if we need to be mindful of allergies.

If there is anything you need, let us know.